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Our commitments

We’ve produced a set of guiding principles for health organisations to demonstrate leadership and take steps to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

Our commitments provide a list of actions that organisations can take. It recognises the wide diversity there is among our membership, and that different organisations are on different stages of the journey, each with their own individual priorities. 

The commitments provide a set of guiding principles that organisations can aspire to achieve, adapting as required to suit individual circumstances.

Declare that the climate emergency is a health emergency


Publish a plan for your organisation to get to net zero


Campaign on mitigating and adapting to the planetary crisis


Embed sustainability in governance, structure and culture


Develop a plan for sustainability in your specialist area


Educate members on the links between climate and health


Disinvest from fossil fuels and sign the fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty


Acknowledge the link between climate change and inequalities


Develop and implement a travel policy for members and staff

Travel smart

Prioritise plant-based and sustainably sourced food


Organisations that have signed up


Climate and Health Scorecard

Progress report