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Clean air: At all times

12:00-13:30 17 May 2023

Air pollution causes harm from cradle to grave, i.e at all stages of life, as found by a recent study published by Imperial College researchers. The adverse effects range from poor foetal development to chronic illnesses, cancer and stroke.

In 2019, 29,000 to 43,000 deaths were attributable to air pollution (PM2.5 and NO2) in the UK, with an estimated cost of £18.6 billion to the country. Indoor and outdoor air pollution needs to be tackled urgently to improve health of humans and the planet. Measures such as implementing Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ) have been evidenced to improve air quality.

Clean air needs to be a basic human right. Clean air needs to be at all times!


Woodburning: a cost-of-living-crises necessity or a luxury?

Lucy Anderson, Head of Research and Impact, Global Action Plan

What can hospitals do to improve air quality?

Catherine Kenyon, Senior Programme Manager, Global Action Plan

Clean Air Zones: how we got here, why they work and what comes next?

By a representative of Clean Air Wins campaign