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9th June 2023

Sustainability in health and care should be included in standards for allied health professionals

The updated Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics for health and care professions provides an opportunity to embed sustainability in health and care.

The UK Health Alliance on Climate Change has called on the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) to include a new standard of sustainability in health and care to the Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics.

The Standards are integral to ensuring high quality professional practice and sets out how the HCPC expects the 15 professions that it regulates to act. The health and care professions regulated by the HCPC include podiatrists, dietitians, occupational therapists, paramedics and physiotherapists, among others.

The HCPC consultation on the revised Standards provides an opportunity to reflect changes to practice that will be required to achieve net zero requirements set out in legislation, and acknowledge the ethical and moral duty of health and care professionals to play their part in achieving these obligations.

The review of the Standards provide an opportunity for the Health and Care Professions Council to play a significant role in enabling the positive transformational change in health and care that is needed, while also potentially saving many lives.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has warned that timing is crucial. Action is needed now, and cannot wait another six years until the next update. By integrating a standard on sustainability in health and care, the HCPC will make a clear statement of commitment and demonstrate leadership that others in the health sector will be inspired to follow.

The full text of our response can be viewed via the link below.