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16th November 2023

2023 Lancet Countdown UK Policy Brief

The 2023 Lancet Countdown policy brief calls for action to transform our energy system, food, and access to green space to protect health

The 2023 Lancet Countdown UK policy brief outlines the health impacts of fossil fuels, our food system, and rising temperatures and presents recommendations to:

  1. Reduce reliance and use of fossil fuels in favour of cheaper, locally available, and reliable renewable energies, including by (1) eliminating all forms of government subsidies, investments, new licences and consent for fossil fuel exploration, extraction, and sales; and (2) redirecting funds towards subsidies to rapidly upscale production and utilisation of renewable energies, which would benefit health through alleviating energy poverty and reducing air pollution. 
  2. Ensure equitable access to high-quality green and blue spaces in urban environments with an adequate system for monitoring progress that aims to promote health and well-being.
  3. Develop and implement policies that (1) promote healthy diets, high in plant-based foods, with an emphasis on significantly reduced consumption of red and processed meat and dairy products; (2) support farmers’ transition to sustainable practices through regulation of the local food sector; and (3) promote and support the consumption of local and sustainable agricultural produce.