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5th January 2023

Health professionals and sustainable diets

Results of a survey of health organisations policy and understanding of sustainable diets

A shift to low-carbon diets is essential for us to reach our net carbon goals. In the UK, doctors and civil society organisations are regularly rated within the top three groups most trusted by the public, and therefore play an important role in driving the required societal and cultural dietary shift. This role includes delivering messages on benefits of adopting sustainable diets and how to do so, and through leading by example through policies of their organisations.

Considering health professionals are key advocates for sustainable diets, the question then becomes: how informed and engaged are health organisations and professionals with the issue of sustainable diet? The Food SIG partnered with Eating Better and the UK Health Alliance for Climate Change to do a first look at this question. Through survey and interview, we explored the position on sustainable diets among health organisations that already prioritise action on climate and sustainability.