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Green Surgery Project

The Green Surgery report will be an evidence-based guide and recommendations on how to mitigate the carbon footprint associated with surgical practice.

The Green Surgery Project is a national initiative funded by the Health Foundation, involving multiple stakeholders from national institutions involved in the delivery of surgical care.

The scope of the project is to provide the health system with the tools required to change the impact of surgical care pathways by:

  1. Reviewing and reporting on available evidence of surgical care and associated departments, identifying carbon hotspots in surgery, knowledge and infrastructure gaps, opportunities and barriers for change
  2. Producing a report and recommendations to enable a transition towards net zero surgery
  3. Disseminating the report, recommendations and supporting material to key stakeholders and surgical teams across the UK
  4. Developing a guide for implementation of the report recommendations, made up of commitments from stakeholders

The report will be published in December 2023.

Key dates

Jan-Mar 2022: Project initiation and recruitment

Apr-Jul 2022: Phase 1 –  Stakeholder engagement, approval of governance, scope and structure

May-Oct 2022: Phase 2 – Identifying evidence and knowledge gaps

Oct-Jul 2023: Phase 3 – Production of report

Aug-Dec 2023: Phase 4 – Publication and guide for implementation

Project stakeholders

Stakeholders from institutions involved in the delivery of surgical care


Project Team

Delivery of the project is overseen by a team involving project partners and stakeholders


Report outline

The final report will provide guidance and recommendations across surgical care pathways


Green Theatre Checklist

A practical checklist and compendium of evidence to support surgical teams in development of sustainable surgery


HealthcareLCA Database

An up-to-date centralised public repository of healthcare environmental impact data and resources


JLA Priority Setting Partnerships

A top ten list from JLA of research questions that should be addressed to help surgery become more environmentally sustainable